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Daniel Camino
Video / Edit
Jonas Bomba
Julian Pfeil
Sara de Miguel & Pascal Nkongo

Project from October 2020. We went on an all electric road trip for Porsche.
The concept contained lifestyle images and a complete video of the trip, driving the electric Porsche Taycan. Goal was to overcome the negative attitude of charging and focussing on the gained time by bringing the talents in front of the Porsche Taycan without losing the connection to this amazing car.

Due to Covid-19 we had to limit the overall producing and driving time. Also it was not possible to cross borders. We changed the route several times.
Starting in Cologne and Düsseldorf we drove north, through Hamburg and ended the trip at the coast of the North Sea. ​​​​​​​
Porsche Design took a bigger role during the trip due to the connection of the brand and time.
The 1919 Chronotimer Sport Chrono and Sport Chrono Subsecond were great additions to the concept of the video and the images.​​​​​​​
The Yashica T3 is my analogue companion. 
Taking these additional images on film was not part of the final outcome.  
Charging. Is electricity the new fuel? What happens during the time we can not drive but must wait. Is it a negative experience or can we turn it into a positive one? These questions were answered in the final video (not published yet) but were also the starting point for my images. I did not want to show actual things you can do, but the feeling you can have and that you are not sacrificing time  by going on a road trip in the future.
I want to say a huge thanks to these two amazing talents.
Sara de Miguel and Pascal Nkongo had to switch from still to moving image with different approaches in really short time.
This project hit different. While taking those images I already knew, this is the type of content I want to produce more. Spending more time with an idea, getting to know the people you are working with. I really enjoyed this one. Thanks to everyone involved.

Let me know your thoughts on this project. 
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